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Welcome to Easy Lifting

We are an independent stairlift company based in the north west, specialising in repairing, supplying, installing and servicing lifts from Stannah, Minivator, Handicare, Acorn, Bison bede, Brooks, Liftable cumbria, and many more, With over 15 years experience of supplying, installing, servicing and repairing a wide variety of lifts we are ready to tackle any stairlift situation both business or domestic throughout the UK.

Looking for affordable reconditioned stairlift?

If you have found your way to our site, you are probably seriously considering purchasing a lift for yourself, or a relative at some point in the future. A stair lift, chair lift, stair glide or stair chair lift – call it what you will, can be a great help for people who find climbing the stairs to be a struggle, as they get older. If your looking for a reliable, high standard, low-cost model that will last for tens of years. you are making the right choice and you are in the right place.

 • We Repair, Service Any Make Or Model.
 • Fully Experienced Trained Engineers.
 • 100% Guarantee On All Service and Repairs.
 • All Insurance Work Undertaken.
 • Parts Are always Carried On Our Vans.
 • Fast And Accurate fault Finding.

Stairlift Services

Repairs in your homes

Easylifting are proud to offer a chairlift repair and maintenance service that goes the extra mile for our customers each and every time. Whether its planned stairlift servicing, or repairs, our team of engineers are on hand day and night to offer maintenance assistance when you need it the most. Because having a reliable machine is vital for living independently. 

Over 15 Years Of Experience

servic and installations

With over 15 years in the industry, EL stairlift repair accumulated an in-depth amount of experience and knowledge in our industry. This has led our team to become fully trained experts in the trade. Using our wide understanding of Lifting equipment, we can discuss, analyse and recommend the best lift for your requirements.

Highest Standards

repairs workshop

At Easylifting , we believe in offering the highest standards of service to our clients. This is why you can trust that we provide the finest stairlift installation and repairs in the industry. We also believe in providing the best value for money maintenance services. You can be assured that it won’t compromise on standards.

Why do I need an annual stairlift service?


You should get your stairlift serviced regularly to make sure it’s working properly. A faulty stairlift could waste you money on repairs and breakdowns, and might even start leaking oil and case unnecessary cost and time – so you should get them serviced once a year.


What happens during the service?


  • We’ll inspect Batteries and Charger
  • We’ll check Limits Switches
  • We’ll take off the casing of your stairlift to inspect the main components.
  • We’ll check Final Limits Switches
  • We’ll test Safety Down/Up Carriage/Footrest 
  • We’ll clean the parts/ Motor brushes, charger brushes (if tests indicate they need it).
  • We’ll test Swivel Seat Interlocks 
  • We’ll inspect Over speed Governor
  • We’ll check Stairlift Motor
  • We’ll inspect Racking
  • We’ll check Tightened Screws/bolts
  • We’ll leave you with a checklist of information about your boiler’s safety.



What’s the problem and how can we help?

Acorn/brooks curve



Batteries are not being recharged, A1 flashing on the fault indicator, and hear a beep alarm. The stairlift will beep intermittently for 60 seconds and stop entering hibernation mode. The stairlift will beep intermittently every 20 seconds and the fault indicator will go blank. Make sure the mains electricity supply should always be switched on and the stairlift parked on its charge points. The symbol will display C1 when charging or C4 when fully charged. If the batteries have lost their charge because the mains electricity supply has been switched off, or interrupted, allow them to recharge before using the stairlift


 Moving Up  No action required



 Moving Down  



Moving Up (Remote control)  


Moving Down (Remote control)  


Stairift waiting for hinge to operate  


 “Normal” Stairlift is on charring mode  


 Batteries are fully charged  


Down side foot sensitive safety edge has been activated. Check for obstructions.


UP side foot sensitive safety edge has been activated Check for obstructions.


Under foot plate sensitive safety edge has been activated Check for obstructions.


Down side sensitive safety edge has been activated Check for obstructions.


Up side sensitive safety edge has been activated Check for obstructions.


The seat is swivelled away from its operating position  


Battery flat – Audible alarm Press the arm switch control or the remote control once to stop the alarm. Bring the unit down to the nearest charging station.


Safety gear is on! Contact your stairlift Repair Company immediately.

See For Yourself

An 88-year-old woman was told by her council she would have to pay £2,000 towards a stairlift – despite being so ill she had to to CRAWL up her stairs.

Aged Ruth Riley, who took half an hour to ascend the stairs on her hands and knees after becoming to infirm to walk, had been informed by her council that while they would pay the lion’s share she would have to scrape together the rest – money she could ill afford. but by shopping around Rachel was able to find one much cheaper.

The cost of the stairlift was £750 and was installed by Easylifting Stairlift Services in Wigan, which agreed to install it without any payment for a month.

The company also waived some the labour costs as well as reducing the price on an almost-new stairlift after being moved by Ruth’s story, said job supervisor Sam Leonard.
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