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Stair lift Repairs: Troubleshooting for stannah stairlift 400/420

In the unlikely event that the stairlift stops on the stairs, your stairlift has a bulit in safety feature, which allows you to manually move the stairlift.
It should only be used to move the stairlift short distance. To use the manual handwinding function:

  • Ensure the battery isolator switch (on the back of the stairlift) is in the off position.
  • Insert the hand winding handle through the whole at the side of the carriage, as showing in the picture.
  • Press the safety pad and turn the handle in the appropriate direction as indicated on the label, on the carriage.

If you are unable to hand wind the stairlift yourself, its wise to contact your stair lift dealer, or contact Stairlift repairs 

In the unlikely event that you experience a problem with your stairlift, you can use the following checklist.

If, once you have checked the list you are still experiencing problem, please call us for more advice on 08005677033.




Stairlift will not move, Green light off

  • Battery isolator switch is in the of position.

  • Chair arm on/off switch or chair arm keyswitch is in the off position

  • Check all switches are in the on position.

Stairlift starts then stops after a short distance, warning sounder is beeping.

  • Charger is not charging the main batteries

  • Charger unplugged/switched off.

  • Check the mains power switch to charger is on. Which will allow the batteries to recharge.

Stairlift will not move, Green light is on.

  • Safety pad activated.

  • Seat is not in its original traveling position.

  • Hinge is in raised position.

  • Check for and remove any obstructions.

  • Swivel seat to its correct position.

  • Lower hinge fully

Power swivel does not swivel

Call stairlift engineer.

Use manual swivel lever to swivel.

NOTE: If the stairlift does not move when using the Infa-red remote controls, please contact your supplier.



You can contact us on 0800-5677033 for any advice or you can leave a comment below and we will replay asap.