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Fault Analysis Minivator 1000 


Green LED

(On lift front panel)

Power ‘ON’ Permanently illuminated Flashing with buzzer LED extinguished when

direction selected

Battery charger connected Battery charger not connected

Brake not connected

Check battery charger circuits

Check brake circuits


Red LED flashing

Holding switch (Key) OR Final limit OR


Battery charger not connected plus one or more of above


Lift has over-run it’s limit OSG tripped

Turn key ON

Wind lift off the cam on track Reset OSG

Yellow LED

Flashing yellow LED

Battery condition

Brake not connected Relay fault

Battery volts less than 21V

when first connected Battery volts fallen below 16.5V when running Check brake circuit

Tap large black relay, if LED still flashing replace control


Allow batteries to charge


Short bleep on starting

Continuous bleeping for 20 seconds with flashing green LED (front panel)

Extended bleep on start


Battery charger not connected

Battery has reached 30% of usable power

Possibly due to heavy usage if charger OK


Lift dead

No green LED indication

Check key switch is ON before removing covers. Has lift overrun onto final limits? LED will extinguish when final limit is actuated.

Lift dead

No LED indication

With voltmeter, check battery volts across B+ & B- on control board. If more than 23V, pull out both green connector blocks. After approximately 5 seconds there will be a bleep and the red LED will glow. This means there is a short circuit on the wiring.

If no bleep or LED replace board.

Lift running at half speed

Very low battery volts, final stage before lift stops. Check dip-switch settings.

Lift will run at half speed when immediately after power-up, the handset is used to move the lift UP or DOWN.

Battery charger information

Connect voltmeter across B+ & B- on the control board.

Momentarily press up or down button on remote control, lift will bleep and the volts will dip down, then increase back to original voltage. If this happens the charger is OK

Also look for the Green LED on front panel to be permanently illuminated. If it’s flashing, lift not receiving charge. Check charge contacts on track with voltmeter.(Should read approximately 40V DC). Check polarity of charge contacts on rail. Lower contact should be ‘+’, upper contact should be ‘-‘ on a left-hand track. Vice versa on right-hand track i.e. lower ‘-‘, upper ‘+’.

Check continuity from lift charge contact butterfly to connection into controller for BOTH positive & negative looms.

Are the butterfly contacts on the lift making contact with charge contacts on track?

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